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AkshayaShakti - A non-profit organization of the people, by people, for the people.

AkshayaShakti promotes education, heals the needy and empowers with skills. AkshayaShakti Welfare Association was established in the year 2010 (15 June) through a collaborative effort of a housewife, artists, teachers, and qualified professionals. Believing every individual has a right to access basic needs – food, water, shelter, education, and employment; team AkshayaShakti emerged from a simple urge of helping to build a society where no individual despite age, gender, religion, stays deprived of basic human necessities.

The organization’s programs are focused on direct interventions in the areas of education, healthcare, old age care, women empowerment, employment opportunities for youths, skill training programmes for transgender people. providing nutritious meals for underprivileged kids. Since our inception, we have reached and touched thousands of lives with our structured modules on key thematic areas across the nation with a strong force of 1000+ volunteers and 100+ full-time employees. The growth of every nation is dependent on the growth of its people. It is our firm belief that India can only accomplish its actual growth narrative if the rural sector is empowered and people in underprivileged areas get an opportunity to develop and bring change in their own lives for good.

Increasing access to proper nutrition and quality healthcare, ensuring that every child has access to basic education, making sure that no one on the street sleeps hungry, building a better environment for poverty-stricken children to learn, uplifting deprived women and transgender people by conducting workshops for them and giving them an opportunity to stand on their own feet; AkshayaShakti Welfare Association aspires to be Indias most credible non-profit brand while strengthening the lives of its people. From working as a team of two to working with hundreds of project partners at the grassroots level to create sustainable change; every day we are bending over backwards to propel countless lives across the nation. From conducting painting classes for individuals, involving women in pickle-making and helping them generate income, providing sewing training to underprivileged people that helps lift their families out of poverty, delivering daily nutritious meals to school children and old-age homes, conducting workshops for transgender communities nationwide so that they can become financially independent so that they can live in society with respect and love, to donating books and other essential accessories to students so that they can become our nation’s scientists, doctors, lawyers, athletes, journalists, teachers and whatever profession they wish to pursue in the future to drive our country towards brighter tomorrow – just within the span of a decade; AkshayaShakti Welfare Association has come a long way by ensuring there’s no stone left unturned when it comes to developing lives and helping make our incredible India, truly independent.

Core Values
Clarity Integrity Transparency

Our Team

At the background of Akshayashakti there are several simple and ordinary volunteers, whose main aim is to provide service to the needy and underprevilged members of the society . "AkshayaShakti" was registered on 15th June 2010 with 11 Trustess and has now about 41 registered Associate Members and several volunteers.

Our organisation structure consists of Managing Committee members,Advisory Board members, Associate members , Staff, Volunteers and well -wishers.

Board of Trustees
Ms. Vidya Didwania President
Ms. Mini Suboth Vice President
Mr. Sahil Rajoria Secretary
Mr. K.P. Nair Treasurer
Ms. Susheela Rani Joint Treasurer
Ms. Treza Dinesh Member
Mr. Ganesh Kale Joint Secreatary
MS. Madhuri Bendle Member
Mr. Suneel Dodeja Member
Ms. Nirupa Jorapur Member
Ms. Neena Jadhav Member

Our Mission

Enable destitute people through hunger eradication, healthcare assistance, educational support and skill development programs.

Our Vision

Create a sustainable change in the lives of destitute people.

Our Motto

Help, Heal, Educate and Empower.

Our Path

A Source of endless energy with a shared and transparent vision, enthusiastic volunteers from all levels of society willing to devote time and energy for the cause , discovering a new meaning in their own life and enriching the lives of everyone involved.

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