Date: Nov. 07th, 2022

“One of lifes highest honors is to help those who are in need and improve their quality of life.”
While we cannot stop aging, we can learn how to manage its effects so that our loved ones age gracefully and in great health. Memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimers disease are among the most common health issues affecting the elderly. Over time, our parents and grandparents age. They become ill, frail, and weak. Because of their conditions, they require more love, care, and understanding—but more importantly, they require high-quality elderly care. Although you, as a child or relative, are able to take care of your elders, it can frequently be very difficult to balance caregiving with your own family, life, and career. It can be challenging to provide care for the elderly, and you may find yourself torn between meeting your needs and those of the elderly you are looking after.
According to the official reports in 2021, there are nearly 138 million elderly persons in India (67 million males and 71 million females), and is further expected to increase by around 56 million elderly persons in 2031.
As the worlds population grows and more people become career-focused and ambitious, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many to care for their aging loved ones. Taking care of an elderly member of the family can be burdensome for some people, while it is a genuine concern for others. Elderly care facilities are crucial in this situation. To take care of those who are no longer capable of taking care of themselves. Placing elderly parents in an old age home is typically seen as a cruel act in India family-cantered culture, but it should not be so because old age homes, also known as "Vrudhashram," offer much-needed care for elderly people, including shelter, food, clothing, medical assistance, gatherings, events to lift their spirits, and so on. India currently has 728 old-age homes, and that number is growing by 25% annually.
An assisted living facility for seniors has many benefits. First and foremost, elderly people receive love, compassion, and care. Second, these facilities have a committed medical staff that includes licensed medical professionals who are on call 24/7, including nurses, doctors, and caregivers. The third and most significant factor is that seniors get to live in senior communities where they can make new friends, participate in group activities, and live carefree lives by sharing happy moments and life stories, which reduces their stress and sadness.
Why senior citizen homes in India is of utmost importance?
Old age is like returning to childhood. Just like a child; an old age person too isn’t capable of understanding / doing many things independently. Many older people have difficulty with a variety of daily activities, including getting dressed, taking a shower, and even eating and drinking. In a nursing home or senior living facility, a staff member is always available to assist with any tasks that your loved one needs assistance with.

• Older people are frequently the targets of con artists and are all too frequently the victims of dangers and mishaps even at their own homes. Their protection is a major concern when they are left alone at home for extended periods of time.
• When people get older, loneliness can develop into depression. There is always someone to talk to in a nursing home setting. Seniors can interact with their peers and share life experiences.
• Many elderly people, especially those with dementia or Alzheimers disease, forget to feed themselves properly or even to take important medicines at regular intervals.
• In order to prevent the elderly from being harmed by bacteria, viruses, or pollutants, the old age care facility makes sure that the bedding is changed frequently, clothes are cleaned and pressed, and the environment is kept clean.
• The other members of the family can rest easy knowing that their loved ones are secure and cared for in such caring homes.

Its unfortunate that some elderly people in a progressive nation like India do not receive the care they deserve from their respective families for various reasons. People look forward to emotional support more than anything after turning 60, and when its missing from their lives, they feel abandoned and ignored. The AkshayaShakti Welfare Association is a dedicated non-profit organization that works to meet the needs of senior citizens in nursing homes throughout Maharashtra by providing them with basic necessities and social activities. Since the foundations inception, AkshayaShakti has been actively assisting Taloja Old Age Home (Param Shantidham Vridhaashram), MIDC, by providing the essentials for its residents and planning frequent social activities for them. Recently, Team AkshayaShakti celebrated Diwali with the lovely senior citizens of Param Shantidham Vridhaashram.
Older people need a sense of community and a sense of purpose so they can look forward to their remaining days rather than dread them. Get in touch with AkshayaShakti and donate to ensure the happiness and health of needy seniors living in old age homes in India.

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