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AkshayaShakti - A non-profit organization of the people, by people, for the people.

AkshayaShakti promotes education, heals the needy and empowers with skills. AkshayaShakti Welfare Association was established in the year 2010 (15 June) through a collaborative effort of a housewife, artists, teachers, and qualified professionals. Believing every individual has a right to access basic needs – food, water, shelter, education, and employment; team AkshayaShakti emerged from a simple urge of helping to build a society where no individual despite age, gender, religion, stays deprived of basic human necessities. Read more

Akshaya Aahaar

(For Food Distribution)

At AskhayaShakti, we believe that ending the hunger is very critical and we should do our part in making that effort. We currently provide 150 meals a day in Thane area which caters the very poor and need community. In addition, supplies regular rations to some selected poor families in the Thane area, old age homes in Taloja and transgender community in Kalyan. We also provide 200 meals to the bystanders in Thane Civic Hospital on all Thursdays.

Akshaya Aarogya

(For Community Health)

As part of the AkshayaShakti health scheme, we provide grants to support the hospitalization/treatment/ eye care/ hearing aids charges of the economically weaker section on a case-to-case basis.
• Cultural programs for children battling cancer in Tata Cancer Hospital
• Providing regular donations to needy patients at cancer hospitals.

• In collaboration with other charitable organisations, providing financial help for the treatment of underprivileged patients
• 150 residents of Bhim Nagar were treated and given medications for vision problems
• Sponsored cataract operations of the residents of Taloja Old age home in March 2011
• Team visited Hellen Keller Institute of deaf & blind on 25th July 2011, interacted with them and treated them with healthy meals
• Organized free eye camp at Uchat Shikshan Sanstha School, Wada on 11th October 2013
• In collaboration with major hospitals, we frequently hold free health checkup camps and treatments/surgeries for the poor and needy.

Akshaya Vidya

(For Education)

Education is the most powerful tool we have to make the choices in our life and help change the community for a better tomorrow and a sustainable future. AkshayVidya supports this notion and this academic year (2023) provided over 100,000 notebooks to the poor children of Zila Parishad Schools in Wada District. Since the inception of AkshayaShakti, around one million note books are distributed. AkshayaShakti also provides educational grants to selected students for their higher education. Twenty toilets built in Zila Parishad Schools in Wada District and also one school refurbished and additional classrooms built.

• 10,000 books distributed in schools in the year 2010 alone
• 1 Lac+ notebooks distribution across 350 schools in Wada District
• Free of cost counselling to students of class 10th and teaching English language to primary school kids in Bal Vikas Vidya Mandir, Thane
• Vocational training centre to provide Certified Computer Training to the under privileged adolescents in collaboration with Vedanta Foundation, in Vasant Vihar

• In 2013, visited three orphanages and 116 schools in Wada to distributed note books, school bags, sandals, clothes and toys
• In May 2014, our team visited Bal Krishna Vidhyalaya to assist in the construction of sanitary rooms, providing Rs 80000 for the construction of two toilets and four urinals.
• In June 2014 - visited 250 Wada Taluka Zila Parishad schools and distributed note books.
• In September 2014 - visited three schools in Vikramgad Taluka of Palghar district and distributed clothes and toys to the tribals of Sakhare village.
• In October 2014- launched an advanced beautician programme for women at Thanes vocational training centre
• In November 2014 – donated 170 tables and 68 chairs to seven schools in Wada
• In 2021 – Commenced a project of reconstructing Zilla parishad school, Harvatepada, Palghar in association with renowned companies

Akshaya Dhaaga

(For Women Empowerment)

It is a program designed to empower the poor women and transgender community through Skill development. The concept here is to provide a sewing machine, a suitable place, training material and a trainer. The training centre operates as the basic tailoring learning Centre and also imparts specialized training on soft-toy making. The knowledge and the acumen gathered here in this program will further help them to have a productive unit of their own from where they can flourish and grow. Currently we have 16 centers and so far, have trained more than 3,000 women and 12 transgenders.

Our centre now has 11 sewing machines supplied by the Vedanta Trust and sessions are held five days a week. Trainees are also encouraged to collect orders from their neighbourhood and utilise the workplace sewing machines to continue the stitching and generate additional income. By assisting in the advancement of the mission of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, all of the needy women working with us have learnt how to create a variety of delicious and seasonal pickles to generate income for themselves whilst also contributing towards our other initiatives.

• A grinding machine was donated, and a papad-making unit was established with needy women in the Bhim Nagar slum

Akshaya Aarin

(For Transgender)

Mountain-like strength is what trans community possesses. No matter how much they are neglected in the society, one should not forget that they are also humans like you and I. Hundreds of transgender persons around the country have received inspiration and direction to live a honourable life through our events, seminars, and workshops. With our teams ceaseless endeavours, many trans peoples lives are now being transformed from despair to dignity.

• Frequently conduction basic and advanced makeup workshops for transgenders

Akshaya Anand

(For Old Age People)

Our nations old age people – they need attention, affection, and a sense of belonging. Understanding their wants and worries can help to safeguard their health. Giving emotional and basic needs help to the elderly keeps them happy, which is undoubtedly the best way to live a healthy life. There are around 138 million senior people in India. ASWA is continually striving to address their issues so that they can live secure and decent lives. From providing them groceries to meals; we are making every possible attempt by reaching multiple old age homes across the nation. Since 2014; are distributing daily, fresh meals to Taloja Old Age Home, Kharghar.

Akshaya Sankalp

(For Students)

Students Are Nations Knowledge Aspirations Leaders and Progress, a transformative initiative by AkshayaShakti that envisions shaping the future through the power of education. At the core of SANKALP lies the belief that students are not just learners but the driving force behind a nations progress.

Akshaya SANKALP is a holistic approach to education, emphasizing the pivotal role students play in shaping the destiny of a nation. We recognize their potential as the torchbearers of knowledge, aspirations, leadership, and progress. This project aims to foster an environment where students are not only educated academically but also encouraged to become leaders in their respective fields.

Through Akshaya SANKALP we strive to instill a sense of responsibility passion for learning and a commitment to societal well-being Our mission is to empower students to become not just scholars but also leaders who contribute meaningfully to the progress of our nation.

Join us in this journey of cultivating the next generation of leaders and visionaries. Together, lets embark on the path of knowledge, aspirations, leadership, and progress – because when students thrive, nations prosper. Akshaya SANKALP: Empowering the Future, Transforming Lives.

The Vision- The Social Health Spectrum

The growth of a nation is primarily reliant on the health and well-being of its population. Good health is essential to human happiness and well-being, which in turn contributes greatly to prosperity and economic growth of nation. One of the various issues in Indias healthcare industry has been the impoverished and disadvantaged people lack of access to even basic health services. This is partly due to abysmal investment in public healthcare, which is only 1% of GDP - one of the lowest in the world. As a result, ASWA has been working hard to provide quality healthcare with compassion to the nations low income and underprivileged groups in remote areas. The primary goal of the Aarogyam program is to make healthcare available to the weakest and most destitute parts of society. This programme is built on combining several well-being techniques such as nutrition, counselling, spreading awareness related to diseases and wellbeing and so on. Feeling the need to enlarge and enhance the initiative, Akshaya Shakti wants you the motivated individual to be part of our movement to make it Akshaya (endless) Shakti (energy) for Economic, Educational, Health,Cultural & Spiritual well being of persons of all ages.

Our Activities

The Trust has been involved in many activities to provide Equal opportunities and better Education for underprivilged Children.Conduct free Health Checkup Camps and treatments/surgery in association with major Hospitals for the poor and needy .The most notable thing about our organisation is that the whole philosophy of the development revolves around the women's emancipation.AkshayaShakti assists in providing employment opportunities for the unemployed youngsters in developing a self sustaining community.

Educational Initiatives

The Trust has been involved in many activities to provide Equal opportunities and better Educationp...

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Women Empowerment

The most notable thing about our organisation is that the whole philosophy of the development revolves...

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Economic Empowerment

AkshayaShakti assists in providing employment opportunities for unemployed youngsters in developing...

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Physical Health initiatives

Conduct free Health Checkup Camps and treatments / surgery in association with major Hospitals for the poor...

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