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AkshayaShakti - A non-profit organization of the people, by people, for the people.

AkshayaShakti Welfare Association, established in 2010 (15 June), is a non-profit organization that aims to empower people in need by providing education, healthcare, skill training, and employment opportunities. They focus on areas like women empowerment, old age care, and providing nutritious meals for underprivileged children. With a strong volunteer force, AkshayaShakti strives to be Indias most credible non-profit brand, making a significant impact in peoples lives. Read more

Akshaya Dhaaga

(For Women Empowerment)

This is the flagship project of AkshayaShakti, a transformative program designed to empower needy women and the transgender community through comprehensive skill development. This initiative provides participants with sewing machines, suitable training facilities, detailed training materials, and expert trainers. These resources create a strong foundation for learning and growth. Our training centers are basic tailoring hubs, offering specialized soft toy making, jewellery, and embroidery courses. The skills and knowledge acquired through these programs enable women and transgender individuals to establish their own production units, fostering independence and economic growth.

Since its inception, AkshayaDhaaga has successfully established around 25 centers and trained over 4,000 women and transgender individuals. Our mission is ambitious yet attainable: we aim to skill 1 million women by 2030, helping them achieve financial independence and lead dignified lives, thereby becoming truly self reliant.

Akshaya Aahaar

(For Food Distribution)

We understand that addressing hunger is fundamental to building a healthier and more equitable society. We are committed to making a meaningful impact by providing nutritious meals and essential rations to those in need.

In the Thane area, we provide 150 meals daily to the most impoverished individuals, ensuring they receive at least one nutritious meal daily, which is crucial for their health and well-being. Beyond daily meals, we extend our support by supplying regular rations to particularly vulnerable groups, including families living in extreme poverty, leprosy-affected families facing social stigma and economic hardships, visually-challenged families with additional challenges, elderly residents in old age homes, and the transgender community who frequently encounter discrimination and economic exclusion. This ensures that these groups have consistent access to basic food supplies.

Additionally, we provide 200 meals every Thursday to bystanders at Thane Civil Hospital, often family members and friends who accompany patients and may not have access to food during their stay.
Our vision extends beyond merely providing food. We aim to foster a community where no one goes to bed hungry. By addressing food insecurity and ensuring that the most vulnerable members of our society receive the nutrition they need, we contribute to their overall health and ability to thrive. AkshayaAahaar is a lifeline for many who struggle with hunger daily, taking crucial steps towards ending hunger and fostering a compassionate and supportive community.

Akshaya Aarogya

(For Community Health)

As part of the AkshayaShakti health scheme, grants support hospitalization, treatment, eye care, and hearing aids for the economically weaker section. Initiatives include cultural programs for children with cancer, regular donations to cancer patients, and financial aid for underprivileged patients. Additionally, 150 residents of Bhim Nagar received vision treatment, cataract operations were sponsored for Taloja Old age home residents in March 2011, and a team visited the Hellen Keller Institute on July 25, 2011. Free eye camps were organized at Uchat Shikshan Sanstha School on October 11, 2013, along with frequent health checkup camps and treatments for the poor.

Akshaya Vidya

(For Education)

Education is the most powerful tool we have to make informed choices in our lives and to drive community change for a better tomorrow and a sustainable future. AkshayaVidya wholeheartedly supports this notion. Since its inception, we have provided around 100,000 notebooks annually to underprivileged children in Zilla Parishad Schools in the Palghar district. Additionally, AkshayaShakti offers educational grants to selected students for their higher education.

Our commitment to improving educational infrastructure includes building twenty toilets in Zilla Parishad Schools and refurbishing a school in Nallasopara, Maharashtra, with additional classrooms. Under the AkshayaVidya initiative, we run four comprehensive programs:
SANKALP: Our Student Leadership Development Program, supported by Xceedibles, aims to nurture leadership skills in students.
Astronomy & Space Science: Supported by The Sky Explorers, this program introduces students to the wonders of the universe.
Career Counselling and Competitive Exam Preparation: With support from Phasor Education, we provide career counselling for parents and students and assist students in preparing for competitive exams.
Teacher Training and Upskilling: Supported by QUEST – The Learning Hub, this program focuses on enhancing the skills and knowledge of teachers.

Akshaya Aarin

(For Transgender)

Mountain-like strength is what trans community possesses. No matter how much they are neglected in the society, one should not forget that they are also humans like you and I. Hundreds of transgender persons around the country have received inspiration and direction to live a honourable life through our events, seminars, and workshops. With our teams ceaseless endeavours, many trans peoples lives are now being transformed from despair to dignity. Frequently conduction basic and advanced makeup workshops for transgenders.

Akshaya Anand

(For Old Age People)

Our nations old age people – they need attention, affection, and a sense of belonging. Understanding their wants and worries can help to safeguard their health. Giving emotional and basic needs help to the elderly keeps them happy, which is undoubtedly the best way to live a healthy life. There are around 138 million senior people in India. ASWA is continually striving to address their issues so that they can live secure and decent lives. From providing them groceries to meals; we are making every possible attempt by reaching multiple old age homes across the nation. Since 2014; are distributing daily, fresh meals to Taloja Old Age Home, Kharghar.

Akshaya Sankalp

(For Students)

AkshayaSankalp initiative envisions shaping the future through education, recognizing students as key drivers of national progress. SANKALP fosters a holistic approach to education, emphasizing students role as leaders. It aims to instill responsibility, passion for learning, and societal commitment, empowering students to become scholars and leaders. The mission is to cultivate the next generation of leaders and visionaries, fostering knowledge, aspirations, leadership, and progress.
AkshayaSankalp: Empowering the Future, Transforming Lives.

The Vision- The Social Health Spectrum

The growth of a nation is primarily reliant on the health and well-being of its population. Good health is essential to human happiness and well-being, which in turn contributes greatly to prosperity and economic growth of nation. One of the various issues in Indias healthcare industry has been the impoverished and disadvantaged people lack of access to even basic health services. This is partly due to abysmal investment in public healthcare, which is only 1% of GDP - one of the lowest in the world. As a result, ASWA has been working hard to provide quality healthcare with compassion to the nations low income and underprivileged groups in remote areas. The primary goal of the Aarogyam program is to make healthcare available to the weakest and most destitute parts of society. This programme is built on combining several well-being techniques such as nutrition, counselling, spreading awareness related to diseases and wellbeing and so on. Feeling the need to enlarge and enhance the initiative, Akshaya Shakti wants you the motivated individual to be part of our movement to make it Akshaya (endless) Shakti (energy) for Economic, Educational, Health,Cultural & Spiritual well being of persons of all ages.

Our Activities

The Trust has been involved in many activities to provide Equal opportunities and better Education for underprivilged Children.Conduct free Health Checkup Camps and treatments/surgery in association with major Hospitals for the poor and needy .The most notable thing about our organisation is that the whole philosophy of the development revolves around the women's emancipation.AkshayaShakti assists in providing employment opportunities for the unemployed youngsters in developing a self sustaining community.

Educational Initiatives

The Trust has been involved in many activities to provide Equal opportunities and better Educationp...

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Women Empowerment

The most notable thing about our organisation is that the whole philosophy of the development revolves...

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Economic Empowerment

AkshayaShakti assists in providing employment opportunities for unemployed youngsters in developing...

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Physical Health initiatives

Conduct free Health Checkup Camps and treatments / surgery in association with major Hospitals for the poor...

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